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The Origins of Photography

Posted in PHOT 154 by Paul Turounet on July 23, 2010

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Chapter Summary Response



  1. Identify the following images by name of artist or by title if name unknown
  2. Besides the great value on imaginative art, what was one of the most common uses for making visual depictions before photography and what four (4) devices / techniques used by artists before the invention of photography?
  3. Describe the contributions of Thomas Wedgwood and Humphry David to the development of early European photography?
  4. Name the two people who were “recognized” for inventing photography in 1839, their key discoveries and what was their relationship to each other?
  5. Discuss the two early experiments and discoveries John Hershel made in photography, including the possibilities of color photography?
  6. Name the individual who was a close friend of John Hershel and also discovered a means of conceiving light-induced images? Name and describe the process he created, including how it was different from the other processes invented?


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