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A Distant Social – an Instagram Project in a Pandemic Time


Real-Time Data Tracking on Coronavirus (COVID-19)


Within a moment of time, what seemed unimaginable and unreal has become quite surreal and serious, Coronavirus (COVID-19), which is now a global pandemic.


As the College canceled classes, we’re all being asked to adapt to a new way of going about our day-to-day existence.  Washing our hands in warm water for 20 seconds more than we imagined we’d be doing. Social distancing from each other and leading isolated lives, attempting to have virtual connections. Staying sheltered inside watching the clouds drift by and wondering.


We’re in a different moment in history and a different moment as a society, a culture, a global community. And it just may remain different for a little while, we can at least hope.


With this comes a flurry of emotional and psychological impacts for each of us.

Anxiety. Uncertainly. Isolation. Loneliness. A Sense of Loss. Anger. Aggravation. Frustration.

But also, maybe a little Hope. Strength in Spirituality. Connections. Comfort. Adaptation.



Visually investigate the conceptual idea of your personal experience during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, and the role and function of photography as a means of proof of one’s existence during this time.


Think about how photographs can serve as metaphors for the range of experiences and emotions you’re feeling.


Shoot digital images with either your cell phone or a digital camera that reveal a sense of personal space and existence. The resulting images will be need to be uploaded to  https://www.instagram.com/a_phototeacher/


In thinking about your conceptual concerns and what to photograph, I would propose you gravitate towards what is immediately accessible to you – your home and surroundings.


Advisory for Shooting Outside

It will be essential and necessary to pay attention to updates from the CDC and the College for how to best proceed in the coming weeks.

If you do go outside to photograph, please exercise as much social distancing as possible from others, and I’d recommend avoiding any group gatherings, even if they are small.

As such, please practice the very best with personal hygiene, including carrying portable hand sanitizer and washing your hands.


How would you approach your current personal, emotional and social experience to reveal what this would look like as a series of photographs?

In addition to their visual engagement, what do you want the photographs to reveal, suggest or evoke, intellectually and/or emotionally, in relationship to what you’re currently experiencing?


In considering your photographic vision and use of camera aesthetics, give particular attention to your use of the photographic frame, vantage point, moments of exposure and the role and use of light, as well as color or tone to reveal your interpretation of the thing itself and details.


Consider various visual strategies and points of view, including the compositional possibilities with a single frame, multiple-image sequences, the juxtaposition of images (diptychs and triptychs) and multiple-image series, such as grids and/or typologies (photographing the same type of subject with same type of framing/vantage point/lighting).

It is essential that your photographs reflect a sense of considered thought, active visual exploration and is articulated with a cohesive vision and voice.



During the next 8 weeks (March 30 – May 21) and for weekly evaluation, please complete the following:

Each week, upload a minimum of 15 – 20 photographs on the Instagram site that reflect and begin to reveal your current personal, emotional and social experience during the COVID-19 pandemic through your photographic vision as follows:

Upload as Multiple-Image Post(s)

and/or as Individual Posts

Please submit reflective writing about what you’ve been experiencing on the Canvas Assignment page or with your Intagram post(s).



It is very important you include the following hashtag so that I can view your work for the assignment and evaluate it. The following hashtag template is to be used:

#YourLastName_GCPHOT(Class Number)

Example: #Turounet_GCPHOT150


Weekly Due Date and Time

Postings need to be completed by Sunday, 11:59 (PST) of each week, beginning the Week of March 30.


Evaluation Criteria

I’ll provide more details by March 30, but for information purposes right now, I’ll be evaluating your work based on the following:

Completing Weekly Assignment Requirements

15 – 20 images uploaded on the Instagram

Completing Reflective Writing with each Post so as to inform idea and conceptual relationship of photographs

Image Strategies, including Sequencing, use of Diptych/Triptych, Grids

Use and Range of Aesthetic Considerations


Vantage Point

Moments of Exposure

Use & Range of Light – Natural/Indoors/Mixed

Use of Color or Tone (Grayscale)


DistantSocial Assignment Criteria