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The List

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In his 1954 Guggenheim Fellowship application, the photographer Robert Frank suggested…

“The photographing of America” is a large order – read at all literally, the phrase would be an absurdity. I speak of the things that are there, anywhere and everywhere – easily found, not easily selected and interpreted. A small catalog come to mind’s eye: a town at night, a parking lot, a supermarket, a highway, the man who owns three cars and the man who owns none, the farmer and his children, a new house and a warped clapboard house, the dictation of taste, the dream of grandeur, advertising, neon lights, the faces of the leaders and the faces of the followers, gas tanks and post offices and backyards…

These initial ideas of Robert Frank’s shooting list would be compiled into the seminal photographic book, The Americans.



I like these lists because they are excuse to get out the door. But the reason I used the list on my business card is because it explains my photographic practice. I don’t want to just photograph Weimreimers. I want my subject to be, as Robert Frank put it in his 1954 Guggenheim Fellowship proposal, ‘broad’ and ‘voluminous’.

– Alec Soth, On Lists


Assignment and Requirements

Please prepare and submit a list of ten (10) ideas, emotions and/or things that you could photograph in addressing photographic content and subject matter for the shooting assignment, A Distant Social – an Instagram Project in a Pandemic Time.

After preparing your list, you are required to submit it in the Comment section below,  on the Course Canvas Page or the Instagram site (@a_phototeacher).

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