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Student Work from Grossmont College – Spring 2008

Posted in Student Photographs by Paul Turounet on June 3, 2008

Student work from PHOT 151 – Photo II (Intermediate Photography), PHOT 252 – Photo IV (Advanced Photography), PHOT 267 – Documentary Photography and PHOT 162 – The Photographic Book for the Spring 2008 semester at Grossmont College.

While the cartoon (thanks Daniel) is intended to poke fun at all of this academic stuff, it was a tremendous pleasure to work with each of you during the past 4 months. Thank you.

And congratulations to all of you for the fine work and to those selected by the classes and myself to be showcased here.

PHOT 151 – Photo II (Intermediate Photography)

© Meagan Bailey, from series on markings in the urban and natural landscape

© Erin Yakes, from series on the San Diego Wild Animal Park

© Crystal Smith, from series on East San Diego County

© Robert Sanchez, from series on fashion

© Jason Crawford, from series of night landscapes of San Diego

PHOT 252 – Photo IV (Advanced Photography) and PHOT 162 – The Photographic Book

© Ilana Ziff, from series of portraits on young adults

© Carla Reyes, from series of artist-made postcards exploring the cross-cultural issues of the U.S. – Mexico border from San Diego, California to Ensenada, Baja California Norte, Mexico (Click on each image to enlarge)

© Alan Nakkash, from series on the Las Vegas Strip

© Erika Johnson, photo-collages with found objects on issues of the contemporary social scene (Click on each image to enlarge)

© Noah Beil, from series entitled Berms and Drumlins (Click on link to view more from portfolio)

© Carla Reyes, gallery model from Creating A Space

© Ilana Ziff, gallery model from Creating A Space

© Reina Hattori (Click on image to enlarge)

PHOT 267 – Documentary Photography

© Matt Lingo, from series of street photographs in San Diego, Las Vegas and Hollywood

© Ilana Ziff, from series of portraits exploring those affected by the economic conditions in San Diego

© India Wood, from series on El Cajon Boulevard

© Dewey Keithly, from series on the Barrio Logan neighborhood in San Diego