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© Hiroshi Sugimoto, Boden Sea, Uttwil, 2003


per·se·ver·ance (noun)

determined continuation with something: steady and continued action or belief, usually over a long period and especially despite difficulties or setbacks.

Once the artist has identified their subject matter in combination with their own sense of vision, aesthetic approach and technical execution, it becomes necessary to develop and produce work that challenges this subject matter visually, intellectually and emotionally. How does the artist challenge these considerations and progress so that the work doesn’t become static and repetitive? When does the artist know or realize that he/she has exhausted all conceptual possibilities in relationship to their sense of photographic vision?



Shoot images that reflects your continued focus on the conceptual concern or idea developed from the photographic work you presented from the first critique – An Adventure in Photography |  Developing A Personal Vision and have pursued with the second critique – Roads Less Traveled. Despite difficulties and setbacks you may be experiencing in expanding the conceptual possibilities with the work, with your use of the camera and/or material | technical concerns, it is vitally important to push through these complications in order to fully realize the possibility of your idea.

In considering your conceptual concerns, I would propose you utilize images and critical discussion from the previous critiques to guide you in your conceptual and visual pursuits. It is necessary that you shoot images that reflects focused attention on an idea. It is essential that your idea reflect a sense of considered thought, active visual and intellectual exploration and is articulated with a cohesive vision and voice. As suggested in the previous shooting assignments, I would encourage you to follow-up with me regarding your ideas and conceptual development by emailing me digital contact images of your efforts and/or meeting with me with analog contact prints in an effort to propose a greater sense of visual clarity and interest.



For the critique (see Calendar for Due Date) and evaluation, please complete the following:

Minimum of 3 – edited contact sheets (no more than 4 images per sheet) or 12 Digital Kiosk Machine Prints (minimum size of 6×8 inches in scale) that reflect and begin to suggest the possibilities of focused attention on a conceptual concern/interest/curiosity through your photographic vision and sense of technical execution and craftsmanship.

Minimum of 4 – finished photographic prints made in the Grossmont College Analog | Digital Photography Labs.

Turn-in all critique materials in a manila envelope for evaluation and feedback.



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