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On Being A Photographer | A Personal Statement

Posted in PHOT 252 by Paul Turounet on July 26, 2010




Write a personal statement on being a photographer.  Your statement should address your personal life history in relationship to the arts and photography as well as your interests, influences and current direction with your photographic practice at this time.


The Personal Statement will consist of 3 short essays | responses of no more than 100 words per question, to the following:

Personal Introduction – Discuss your life history as it relates to why you’re interested in the arts and photography

Photographic Work – Discuss the your interests, influences, current work and what drives you to make photographs

On Being a Photographer – Discuss what it means for you to make photo | image-based art in the 21st Century



Please submit your response on the Course Canvas Assignment page or in the Comment section of the Assignment page on the A Photo Teacher website.

Due on Thursday, May 21 at 4:00 pm.


Reference Materials

UC Santa Cruz Portfolio Review

CSU Long Beach BFA Portfolio Requirements



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