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Posted in PHOT 252 by Paul Turounet on February 16, 2009

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With the Internet being the essential place for communication and resource, a website is a particularly beneficial strategy for presenting work. It is immediate and allows for anyone to view it at their convenience from anywhere in the world. While Flickr and other photo-sharing sites can function as a pseudo-website, keep in mind that you’re going to want to create a sense of identity and professionalism for yourself and your work.

Prior to developing the website, it’ll be important to do some research and explore websites to begin conceptualizing how you may want to approach the building of the site as well as develop a budget, including costs associated with securing a URL, design services, server storage space and general monthly | yearly operating costs.

Basically, there are a couple of approaches – work with a company that uses a template system with some abilities to create a customized site or with more team of trained professionals who specialize in website design, web programming and graphic design that are customized for each individual client and each have their advantages and disadvantages depending on the nature of the site developed, including design flexibility and functionality, cost and support.


Template Website


Template System

  • Some design flexibility with how site will look, including image size and page design but limited in creating an individualized, “branded” look
  • Suitable for a variety of budgets, including initial design costs, monthly and yearly site maintenance and server storage fees
  • With many template systems, client has ability to modify | update website content from any location
  • Keyword optimization for web search engines


Customized Website


Customized Approach

  • Significant design flexibility with how site will look, including image size and page design with unlimited possibilities in creating an individualized, “branded” look and e-commerce
  • Not suitable for those with limited budget, particularly with the initial design and programming costs as well as the monthly and yearly site maintenance and server storage fees
  • May be reliant on the technical support of the designer | programmer


Secure your own URL | Domain Name ( http://www.yourname.com ) and be sure to renew the contract prior to the due date so that the website remains live without interruption.

In addition to the URL, other considerations to give particular attention to include:

  • Select a website design | provider strategy
  • Edit and sequencing of work in the website portfolio(s). Avoid duplication of similar types of imagery unless it is a function of your conceptual concern
  • Consistent image sizing and digital imaging optimization, including correct image density and contrast and color balance
  • “About” and “Contact Pages”
  • Use of links, multimedia | video and sound
  • Accessiblity
  • E-Commerce
  • Server Security


Particularly for the emerging photographer with a minimal budget, it is not immediately necessary to have a slick, interactive website, but rather something simple that allows you to have a presence on the Internet. There are a number of website services available that provide template designs that can be customized and are affordable, even on a student budget:


Bluehost / WordPress





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