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Lens Culture in Your View

Posted in PHOT 167 by Paul Turounet on December 11, 2008


During the course, Lens Culture in the Public Eye, there has been the exploration of how the photograph functions within various contexts, including the construction of identity and personal psychology, as a source of “evidence and truth”, as a means to expose the rawness of the everyday and the commonplace, the use of surveillance and voyeurism in looking at “others,” and as a means of “propaganda” and the belief in “its ability to raise social consciousness.”

In consideration of the heightened democratization of photography and the proliferation of images as a global, societal and cultural activity, how do you believe your photographs function (or you hope will function) within this context of a contemporary lens culture?

Thinking about the photographs you’ve made (or will make in the future), what are your thoughts on how “evidence and truth,” using the camera to gaze at “other,” as well as its “ability to raise social consciousness” will be considered in your own working process?

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