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Image Makers, Image Takers

Posted in PHOT 252 by Paul Turounet on February 7, 2008


The process of artistic practice and creation is one that is to each individual photographer. With photographers working in such genres as art, documentary, fashion, advertising and portraiture, there are similarities that occur from one photographer to the next in the making of photographs. A sense of personal drive and the need for creative visual expression. An ability to engage subject matter and content regardless of circumstance. A thorough knowledge of the photographic medium and how to utilize tools and materials to reveal clarity of their vision. And while there are many working process considerations that unify photographers, the journey each individual undertakes in becoming a photographer whose creative vision and practice is noticed and valued is unique and vastly different.

Image Makers, Image Takers takes a look at what motivates and inspires photographers in their artistic practice. Photographers from the fields of art, documentary, fashion, advertising and portraiture are interviewed about how they work, their thoughts on the creative process and photography, as well as advice to inspire.



For each of the required critical inquiry responses, discuss and address the following questions:

What are the photographer’s thoughts/views/beliefs on the role and function of photography for themselves and/or in general?

How has the photographer identified/developed their subject matter and what is their working process for engaging their subject (how they initiate and sustain the work, their approach, their considerations of tools and materials)? With the curator/editor/publisher, what are their thoughts on how a photographer develops their subject matter, what is the necessary working process for sustained work, and working with photographers?

What insight and/or advice does the photographer/curator/editor/publisher have to offer to those interested in working in photography that might be helpful to your own photographic practice?


Critical Inquiry Responses


1 ... Art, Documentary, Fashion and Advertising, and Portraiture

Select one photographer to discuss.  Click on links to view each photographer’s work:

Art | Thomas Demand | William Eggleston | Boris Mikhailov | Stephen Shore

Documentary | Mary Ellen Mark | Martin Parr | Eugene Richards | Sebastião Salgado

Fashion and Advertising | David LaChapelle | David Sims | Mario Sorrenti | Ellen von Unwerth

Portraiture | Tina Barney | Anton Corbijn | Rineke Dijkstra | Rankin


...Next Generation

Select one photographer to discuss.  Click on links to view each photographer’s work:

Next Generation | Fabrice Dall’Anese | Charles Fréger | Naomi Harris | Jehad Nga | Alec Soth | Neil Stewart


3 ...Curators and Gallerists, Agency Directors, Editors and Publishers, and Retouching, Online Curating and Publishing

Select one curator, gallerist, director, or publisher to discuss.  Click on links to view online sites:

Curators and Gallerists | Camilla Brown | Katherine Hinds | Dr. Inka Graeve Ingelmann | Rudolf Kicken

Agency Directors, Editors and Publishers | Diane Dufour | Kathy Ryan | Gerhard Steidl | Dan Torres

Retouching, Online Curating and Publishing | Tim Barber | Jörg Colberg | Pascal Dangin



Write a critical inquiry response (minimum of 3 paragraphs) that addresses the assigned questions.  The critical inquiry response is required to be submitted, either typed or online, by the due date listed on the course calendar.



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