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Roads Less Traveled

Posted in PHOT 153, PHOT 265 by Paul Turounet on September 27, 2007

One of the greatest challenges for any artist, including photographers, is to identify their subject matter in combination with their own sense of vision, aesthetic approach and technical execution. How does the inspiration and need to bring a visual voice to ideas develop initially and over a period of time? Does the artist discover it from personal experience and psychology, societal concerns, the influences of media culture including advertising, film, and surveillance? Or is it discovered in the phenomenon of how the photographic lens perceives and views subject matter with amazement?


© Abelardo Morell, Curiouser and Curiouser, 1998 (left) and It Was Much Pleasanter At Home, 1998 (right) from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland


Once the idea or conceptual concern is considered, it then becomes necessary to develop a strategy to engage the idea. This engagement needs to occur on many levels; intellectually, emotionally, aesthetically as well as technically to create works that are visually interesting and that reveal the concern with a sense of clarity that suggest the maker’s own voice.



Based on the discussion from the first critique, shoot images that reflects focused attention on a cohesive conceptual concern and idea through your photographic vision with the camera, materials, and sense of technical execution and craftsmanship.

Give attention to contemporary critical thinking and concerns, as well as challenging your use of the camera and materials to inform your ideas as well as your technical execution and craftsmanship. It is strongly encouraged that you shoot images that reflects focused attention on an idea. It is essential that your idea reflect a sense of considered thought, active visual and intellectual exploration and is articulated with a cohesive vision and voice. As suggested earlier, I would encourage you to follow-up with me regarding your ideas and conceptual development by emailing me digital contact images of your efforts and/or meeting with me with analog contact prints in an effort to propose a greater sense of visual clarity and interest.



For the critique (see Calendar for Due Date) and evaluation, please complete the following:

Minimum of 3 – edited contact sheets (no more than 4 images per sheet) or 12 Digital Kiosk Machine Prints (minimum size of 6×8 inches in scale) that reflect and begin to suggest the possibilities of focused attention on a conceptual concern/interest/curiosity through your photographic vision and sense of technical execution and craftsmanship.

Minimum of 4 – finished photographic prints made in the Grossmont College Analog | Digital Photography Labs.

Turn-in all critique materials in a manila envelope for evaluation and feedback.


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