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Student Work from Grossmont College – Spring 2007

Posted in Student Photographs by Paul Turounet on May 17, 2007

Student work from PHOT 150 – Photo I (Introduction to Photography), PHOT 151 – Photo II (Intermediate Photography), and PHOT 165 – Color Photography for Spring 2007 semester at Grossmont College. The following photographs were selected by students and myself that best represented the coursework completed during the semester.

Congratulations to all of the students in each of the classes for a successful semester.

PHOT 150 – Photo I (Introduction to Photography)



© Carolann Rogers (left), Ofelia Perez (top right) and Amanda Swede (bottom right)

PHOT 151 – Photo II (Intermediate Photography)


© Rebecca Everett, series on San Diego River from Scene in Full View and The Big Idea – Initiating A Personal Vision assignments

PHOT 165 – Color Photography


© Jaime Tardiff (left) and Sam Huh (right)


© Amanda Durbin (left), Robert Butler (top right) and Christine Bowers (bottom right)


© Carla Reyes (left) and Rick Harrell (right)

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